Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Aprons

Click here to go to listing- $7.95!
I'm on a vintage apron kick lately. I've found no where better than etsy to shop for them. Last night, when I searched "Apron" under etsy's vintage category, 4,590 items popped up. Now, several of those are for patterns, but most of them are for aprons. The prices are typically low. I did my search using the sorting tool which will post the lowest priced aprons first, then I skipped to page 10 where the aprons start to appear (past the patterns). Here are a few photos with links to the apron listing under the photo.

A side note regarding aprons: A friend of mine recently told me that she forgoes expensive evening wear as nothing seems to evoke a mood of romance in her husband more than an apron...Now, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I mention it here because I haven't been able to look at aprons in the same way since she shared that with me. For the most part, I just think they have an amazing vintage appeal. If they happen to come with benefits for one's relationship then, they simply become a multi-purpose item thus, adding to their value.

Go and treat your self to one of these! All of the aprons seen here are under $10. These are not my listings, just cute aprons that I came across and had to talk myself out of buying!

Have Fun,

On etsy $10- click here for listing

On etsy- $8 click here for listing
Hand Chrochet Vintage apron $8
On etsy- $7.99 click here for listing

Love this one $8 Click here for listing
On etsy- $8.95

Pleated loveliness- $10

Finally, as a California girl (born and reared), I couldn't pass this one up for $7.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Winner of the set of Six Lilly Pulitzer fabric ornaments!

The winner for our most recent giveaway for a set of 6 Lilly Pulitzer fabric Holiday Ornaments is:
Little Miss Can't be Wrong
The drawing was performed randomly by ( There were a total of 39 comments- one from me and two were duplicates, so there were a total of 36 people who participated.
Thanks so much to all who participated!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Rude to Ask a Person's Age

Just a photo of a cool, mature woman - No relation (unfortunately, because I think this lady could really bring a smile to my face on Thanksgiving)
My daughter, Hollyn, is five. Our typically circular conversation went like this today:

Hollyn: Mommy, you're fourteen, right?
Me: No. I thought I said I that I didn't want to talk about that anymore.
Hollyn: Well, I thought you said that you were fourteen.
Me: No, it sounds like fourteen.
Holly: How old are you Mommy?
Me: It's rude to ask a lady's age.
Hollyn: But, you're my Mommy.
Me: True enough Love, I'm forty.
Hollyn: What?! (loudly)
Me: Try again.
Hollyn: Pardon Me?!! (even louder)
Me: I'm forty.
Hollyn: Forrrrrty?? That's waaay more than fourteen.
Me: Glad to see that kindergarten is paying off.
Hollyn: Mommy why is it rude to ask a person's age?
Me: For many reasons Sweetheart, but mostly because it reminds them of their age.
Hollyn: Mommy, next time someone is rude and asks you how old you are, just tell them that you are more than fourteen.
Me: Good idea Hollyn. I'll do that.
Hollyn: Let's practice...Mommy, how old are you?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Set of 6 Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Ornaments Giveaway

I'm having a giveaway for a set of six (6) Lilly Pulitzer fabric Holiday Ornaments from the Lotus and Lilly Shop. So you know the drill, I make it pretty easy. Just follow this blog, comment below and make sure that you also are a fan of my facebook fan page by clicking here. If you don't have a facebook account, no worries, just mention that in your comment below.

The ornaments will look like the ones seen here. I'll include three palm tree ornaments and three snowflake ornaments all in different Lilly patterns. They are reversible too, so you get to pick the patterns that you want to display.

The random drawing will be held on Friday, Oct. 15. I will announce the winner here. That's it!