Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't wait for Spring-reason 284, The Pig Skirt

I saw this vintage skirt on etsy this morning and bought it immediately. I didn't dare wait for some other pink and green pig skirt-loving lady to come along and snatch it up. I'm quite certain that there was one right behind me. So, I had to share this with you. A pink and green wrap skirt with pigs...I'm in heaven! It's going to further motivate me to lose that ten (okay, fifteen) pounds that I've been working on since the first. I want it to look like an outfit, not a personal uniform for the stay-at-home mom who seems to think it's absolutely necessary to consume her daughters' left-overs, (A lot of effort goes into making instant pudding , it's seems like such a tragedy to waste it)... So, having worked on headbands and other Lilly hair accessories for three days, this seemed like a good way to treat myself...chocolate pudding not being an option.
Back to the headbands, I'm going to have a another giveaway towards the week's end. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to make. This skirt has motivated me to go with a pink & green theme so the giveaway will be in all pinks and greens...stay tuned.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Floral Headbands

I've been working on these new headbands this weekend. I love these folded flower additions. The two Lilly Pulitzer patterns used here include: Princess Patch and Fern City (which is a 1970s Zuzek vintage print).

I'm going to have a number of these folded flower headbands in my two etsy shops by weeks end (I feel a give-away coming on). I'm also adding about thirty un-embellished headbands in "new" vintage patterns to my vintage Lilly etsy shop. Those will be made to order and replaced in the shop after each one is sold. I have well over one hundred vintage Lilly prints (1960-70s)on hand and am happy to finally start sharing them with vintage Lilly fans.

All told, I should emerge from my little craft studio this evening with forty new headbands, that is, if I ever manage to walk away from the computer. My husband took the girls out today. I find that when he does that, Facebook has a way of sucking me in and keeping me there for ridiculous amounts of time. I won't let it happen today...I won't. I'm going to either make tons of headbands or do laundry (Mt. Apparel as a friend calls it). Laundry or headbands?? I'm definately going with the headbands.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vetsed Gentress

I came across this Vested Gentress skirt this morning on etsy ($35). It would be in the mail on the way to my house if it were just a bit longer. I know my limits. A pink elephant skirt is fine, a pink elephant mini skirt is crossing the line. Please see link if it doesn't cross your line.

I've been making these new headbands. They are quite fun. What can one do with headbands that's out of the ordinary? You'll see tomorrow. They don't light up, I promise. They do have flowers and that's all I'll say for now.

link for skirt pictured above:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have a winner!

Hi all and thanks so much to those of you who entered the drawing for the giveaway. We have determined the winner by random drawing (allowing multiple entries for those who commented and picked a favorite pattern from my etsy shop). The winner is "A Redhead and her Pooch Lola". Congratulations!
There will be more giveaways in the near future. I'm working on ideas for the next one now, which will take place during the next month. Spring is coming and, as Lilly lovers, we all know what that means! The more Lilly we have, the better prepared we are...(I know ending a sentence in a preposition, shame). Regardless, the more lilly, the better! That much, we can all understand.
Congratulations again to "A Redhead and Her Dog Lola".

Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I've been adding to my esty shop in a rather mad fashion during the last three days. I was wiped out during the holidays plus, I wanted to increase the inventory and add new patterns anyway. Now there are several new Lilly headband prints (perhaps 30) and more on the way (see etsy shop link). I'm also attempting to phase out of ebay but, I made a new headband "You Choose the pattern" Lilly fabric headband listing there as well because I've had a few requests. I prefer selling on etsy for many reasons and am excited to open my new 1000 markets shop (coming soon). My little hobby is keeping me up at night. I'm surrounded by Lilly fabric though so I couldn't be happier.

We leave for the my sisters and the San Diego Zoo tonight. Our oldest Sadie (6) has flown but only once and that was to London when she was still very small. The twins, Linden and Hollyn (4) have never flown! Taking them on a plane just seemed a little daunting when they were small, but now we are "big girls". So we get to fly with them this evening. Linden is very confused about the idea that people can walk around on airplanes, more importantly, she doesn't understand how a flight attendant can bring apple juice to her during the flight. She'll have it all figured out by tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lilly Give-Away!!

I'm doing a give-away! It includes all of the items seen here: three headbands, two hair cuffs and one ponytail holder. Each is made with new materials including authentic Lilly Pulitzer fabric. These are some of my favorite patterns. They are not available through Lilly or anyone else to my knowledge. I collect Lilly fabric and have a special fondness for the vintage patterns. I've used them to create these hair accessories. I'm doing this give-away to promote my etsy shop as I'm in the process of adding 45 headbands in patterns that I have not previously had available. I have a link to my etsy shop posted here on the blog in the right hand column. The headbands will be listed throughout the next few days and will remain in the shop as I will make them to order.

Here's how to enter your name in the drawing for the give-away which will be held on Tuesday, January 19th. You may have your name entered up to three times by doing the following:
1.) Follow this blog. All followers will automatically be entered in the drawing.
2.) Once you are a follower, leave a comment here telling me that you'd like to have your name in the drawing a second time.
3.) Visit my etsy shop AFTER Wed. 1/13 and "convo" me through etsy informing me of you favorite pattern out of the headbands that I have listed in my etsy shop: Looking 4 Lilly. Again, I have a link here in the right hand column.

It's that easy! I'll announce the winner on the Tuesday, January 19th and will also email the winner in order to notify them. Good luck!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Bags

I spent a good part of the day making book bags like the one seen here. I think that they are so much fun. I've sent one off for the Golden Globe SWAG bags. The one I sent off was a Little Golden Book: "The Princess & the Pea". I plan on having at least ten in my etsy shop by weeks end. Now, I'm off to create the items or this week's giveaway. Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Find of the Day:

So yes, other than my three girls (& husband), my main love is Lilly. But, I'm becoming a huge Vested Gentress fan and buying it up like crazy. It's right up there with vintage Lilly when it comes to preppy design only, it's not as easy to find and some of the prints are beyond insane. This is a good, albeit mild, example (the skirt in the lower photo). I love this skirt and find myself questioning, "When is the proper age for one to consider no longer wearing skirts with such things as cats, dogs, birds, alligators, owls, mushrooms (a personal favorite), strawberries, horses...etc plastered all over?"

As of yet, I haven't come up with a good answer. If there is a good answer, my fear is that I passed that age loong ago (yes, I used two o's for emphasis). My other fear is that my daughters' classmates will say, "Is your mom the one who wears those crazy clown skirts?" I realize that it's one thing to go parading around in skirts with wild patterns, it's another thing, entirely, to do it when children are involved. Even so, spring is coming, my calendar says so and I'm preparing with a ton of crazy clown skirts.

I'm tempted to post another photo here of a skirt that I just purchased in an attempt to prove my point but, I'm sort of sitting here laughing out loud (I refuse to type "lol") as I try to distinguish the two as they both have green and periwinkle cats as the main pattern! Yes, I have very distinct tastes... I'm posting it anyways. The one I purchased yesterday is yellow, there. I'm going to purchase the Vested Gentress tonight (if none of you beat me to it). Here's the link, just to play fair.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Have you seen Susan Powell?

There is a widespread search going on for this 28 year old mother of two who lives in Utah. She's been missing since Dec. 6. Her husband is considered " a person of interest" but, no charges have been filed. Here is the link which explains her story. In cooperation with her friends, I'm posting this story in order to get the word out. Please do the same.