Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Aprons

Click here to go to listing- $7.95!
I'm on a vintage apron kick lately. I've found no where better than etsy to shop for them. Last night, when I searched "Apron" under etsy's vintage category, 4,590 items popped up. Now, several of those are for patterns, but most of them are for aprons. The prices are typically low. I did my search using the sorting tool which will post the lowest priced aprons first, then I skipped to page 10 where the aprons start to appear (past the patterns). Here are a few photos with links to the apron listing under the photo.

A side note regarding aprons: A friend of mine recently told me that she forgoes expensive evening wear as nothing seems to evoke a mood of romance in her husband more than an apron...Now, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I mention it here because I haven't been able to look at aprons in the same way since she shared that with me. For the most part, I just think they have an amazing vintage appeal. If they happen to come with benefits for one's relationship then, they simply become a multi-purpose item thus, adding to their value.

Go and treat your self to one of these! All of the aprons seen here are under $10. These are not my listings, just cute aprons that I came across and had to talk myself out of buying!

Have Fun,

On etsy $10- click here for listing

On etsy- $8 click here for listing
Hand Chrochet Vintage apron $8
On etsy- $7.99 click here for listing

Love this one $8 Click here for listing
On etsy- $8.95

Pleated loveliness- $10

Finally, as a California girl (born and reared), I couldn't pass this one up for $7.


  1. these are so pretty, I love vintage aprons..I must say I have a pretty collection. So that have been giving to me from family members, some from church family (that know I love them) and some that I have purchased or been in "Apron swaps" yes can you believe that. But let me tell you that I do wear mine almost everyday, to work in and to work at home with. I heart them so much. I love this post. You had me at "Vintage Apron"

  2. Great, now I won't be able to look at aprons the same way either! :)

  3. So funny that you mentioned these side benefits, so to speak, Kristina because a friend here bought one of my aprons for her friend's birthday. Later her friend told her that it was like 2 gifts in one because her husband, well let's just say, he appreciated it as well!!!

  4. hi, do you have a xanga or a tumblr page? everything you make is so adorable!

  5. LOVE these aprons!!! YAY for being a California girl-- the best kind! ;)


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