Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Whimsey Chronicles - A Must See!

Recently, I was searching for vintage fabric on Etsy and I stumbled on the most amazing textile and wallpaper designer. Her name is Meredith, she owns and operates The Whimsey Chronicles.  I'm going to let her explain the rest...

"A little background - I've practiced commercial interior design for a dozen years and have always had a strong interest in fabric and fashion. I decided to redefine my career path upon re-examining what my true design passions and aspirations were ... textiles and wallpaper! I use Autocad to sketch out my designs and I look for color and image inspiration everywhere: in architecture, signage, fashion, vintage illustrations, to name a few. Every collection begins as a story in my head, with characters and actions, so that I simply feel like I am bringing those things to life as I meticulously place them in a pattern. In fact, a story is included with each pattern to explain how the pattern was designed which truly makes them "storybook textiles & wallpapers." ~Meredith- The Whimsey Chronicles

Here are some example of patterns and products that can be found in her shop:
African Cuff In Tourmaline- Click here to View

Foxtrot- Click Here to view
Brella's Wallpaper- View Listing Here

African Cuff Wallpaper- Click Here to Veiw Listing

Not Yet Released, but coming soon as announced in her blog post today!

The photo above is an image of The Whimsey Chronicles newest collection.  Do you "sea" the seahorse?  Please visit The Whimsey Chronicles website to view the entire collection.  If you take the time to look at her collection, I believe you'll fall in love just as I did (if you haven't already).  I would have to guess that we'll be seeing a lot more of The Whimsey Chronicles in the future, so I'm happy that I've had the chance to share it with you here today.

Hope to see you soon,

Additional Links:
The Whinsey Chronicles Facebook Page:!/pages/The-Whimsey-Chronicles/131110010256271



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