Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heavy Browsing: The Worst of Online Fashion

Funny websites are a must for me.  They break up my day and I love them for it. Here's one that I recently heard about on Pinterest.  It's called: Heavy Browsing.  The two women who created the site post photos of ridiculous clothing articles and accessories that they've found online.  Here's how they explain it on their homepage:

"Silk blouse enthusiasts Alison and Divya have been trolling the Internet for discounted designer items for years. The only thing they love more than online shopping is passing judgment, so naturally they have joined their two favorite pastimes to create Heavy Browsing. For every chic pencil skirt in an online clearance section there is an ill-fitting bodysuit on the next page just begging to be mocked. Alison and Divya love both of those items, just for completely different reasons."

Works for me.  Here are a few of my favorite selections from the site:
Marc Jacobs $395 via Yoox

From Yoox $98

$59 from Oak
And then there was this purse....Oh no, I like it!

Be forewarned, while the captions that the two women add are a huge part of what make the site funny, they can be colorful with their choice of words.  I'm guessing that you can handle it.



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