Sunday, November 8, 2009

Driving Miss Lindy (& Miss Hollyn)

I used to work (outside the home). For many years, I was a mental health case manager. I provided case management services for mentally ill, homeless adults. Before that, I worked as a counselor in a locked psychiatric facility. Before that, I was a student/waitress (mostly waitress, if I'm being honest). My point is, in my life, I've been party to some rather odd conversations.
But nothing, in all my years, has prepared me for some of the conversations that take place in my minivan (yes, my minivan) as I drive my 4 yo twin daughters from place to place.
Case in point:
The setting: While in our minivan I see someone I know. He's walking into the grocery store as we are driving away from the store and I wave.
The conversation went as follows:
Twins: "Why did you wave at that man?"
Me: "He's a friend of Mommy's."
Twins: "But why do you have to wave at him?"
Me: (after pausing to think my reply through) I explain the importance of acknowledging the people we know when we run into them and how it's the courteous thing to do and then, while allowing her time to soak in my pearls of wisdom, I anxiously await her reply...
Twin A: "Are jellyfish born?"
Me: Realizing that my "pearls of wisdom" weren't soaked in at all, but rather bounced and that we have seriously shifted gears yet, still determined to handle the situation, I say, "That's a good question. Mommy will Google it when we get home." Proudly avoiding the "Did you hear what Mommy just said?" question, I now feel satisfied with myself again...until...
Twins: Burst into uncontrollable laughter and start to scream "Google, Google Google!!" just like that, in sets of three and continue this chant during the entire drive home because they think it sounds hilarious.

Sometimes (and this was one of them) I think that they are messing with me, but then, I remember that they are four, smile and turn up the radio. Ramble on...


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