Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ooh La La Lilly!

I've been very busy making headbands these days. I just made fifty for the American Music Awards SWAG bags (or goody bags, as they are often called). If you are wondering what SWAG stands for (I did too), it stands for Souvenirs, Wearables and Gifts. I was so excited and jumped at the opportunity. Who cares if I'm a little sleep deprived? And so what if Sadie's Girl Scout badges sit there staring at me waiting for me to sew them on her little GS Daisy vest? By the way, I tried the fabric glue for the GS patches (that endlessly flow into my house) and it just doesn't work. Not only does it not work, when the patch comes off at school (which I'm guessing takes place around 8:30 am), there's are huge dark stain where the lame mother tried to attach the patch with "glue"...go Mom! Just a little heads up for you future GS moms. Believe me, no patch is waaay better than a huge, shiny stain where the patch is supposed to be.

Back to the headbands for the AMA awards, I'm not using contemporary Lilly fabric (want to stay in good graces with the folks at Lilly), just a few vintage prints and others that aren't Lilly at all. I'm using some amazing (non-Lilly) vintage prints that I've acquired over recent months. I keep asking myself, "What would Beyonce like?" So far I haven't a clue. But, if in future months you happen to see Beyonce sporting a bright pink and green psychedelic print headband with cats on it, you can be sure that it's mine!


  1. Those are lovely headbands! I might have to get me one (or 6).

  2. Great headbands - can't wait to here about what kind of feedback you get from you lovely SWAG!!

  3. You do have the prettiest blog! I love the colors... its so cheery! And I hope you get lots of wonderful feedback from the SWAG opportunity. Good Luck!


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