Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Golden Globes

I was honored to have my items placed in the 2010 Golden Globe SWAG bags (aka goody bags). And then, I was especially flattered when I received this photo today. The woman in the photo is Kate Flannery. She is an actress from the show, "The Office" and she is seen here holding one of my Little Golden Book bags. They are exactly as they sound, handbags that I make out of Little Golden Books. The one that she's holding in the photo is, The Princess and the Pea. Kinda fun...had to share.

As it so happens, I'm busy this weekend making several more. The one I'm working on right now is titled, Let's Go Shopping!. I will have more of these in my etsy shops (Looking 4 Lilly & The Vintage Lilly) within the next few days. And yes, of course, I'll incorporate Lilly fabric where ever possible!


  1. OMIGOSH! You are so calm about this! I would be screaming from the rooftops!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations!!! Adorable idea too... :-)

  3. That is very exciting for you- congratulations!

  4. OMG this is sooo exciting!!! Congrats to you! What a huge honor! I would be telling anyone who would listen!! :-) XOXO


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