Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lilly Cruise

So, I've been thinking (this is when my husband says, "Uh-Oh"). I want Lilly Pulitzer (the company) to host a cruise. Now, of course people would pay their own way but, Lilly could act as host. You know how sometimes organizations or groups take over a ship for a specific cruise? I think it would be so much fun. If nothing else, we'd be the best dressed crew to ever set sail. I envision pink and green everywhere. It would be such a great way for Lilly lovers, from all over, to get acquainted. I've met some of the nicest women (and even a few men) through the fb Lilly fan page and would love the chance to meet some of them in person.
Perhaps this is just the rambling of a Lilly Pulitzer fan who's longing for warmer days. Regardless, I'm all for the idea. What do you think, are you on board?


  1. Funny you mention this, my husband and I were just on a cruise (on which he wore the Streaker shirt) and were saying the same thing!!! There are so many "theme" cruises for people with common interests and LP would be a natural!!! How can we make this happen??

  2. What a fab idea!! It would be a great time, because we all know we love a party and LP could use it for a great marketing campaign...

  3. OH COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!! XOXO


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