Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lilly Find from Home Lush for $5.99

Sometimes I come across a Lilly item that I just have to not share, would be criminal. This is one such case.

Cute Lilly travel mugs: $5.99 Click here for link

I just came across these on etsy (and promptly purchased two of them). No, these aren't in my shop and I'm not getting anything for featuring them here. They are Lilly print travel mugs from Home Lush (remind me to ask her about the shop name later), they hold 11 oz.  This is enough to get me to school when I drop the girls off in the morning. Then, on the way back home (translation: "on the way back home" means "shopping", just so you know), I get to stop at the coffee shop with my oh-so-cute and monogrammed no less, mug for a refill. The best part, she's selling them for $5.99. Seriously. I've seen mugs like this before, but never at this price. She has both White Zin and Patchtastic available.

These will be the perfect stand-in when I can't find my favorite Pandamonium Lilly mug that I received during the summer Lilly exchange (Don't know about the Facebook Secret Santa Lilly exchange? Here's a link: Secret Santa Lilly Exchange, it's so much fun). I'm getting off subject, but do check out the exchange!

If you happen to click on the link for the mugs (here) and find that it is sold, you can convo her (her name is Rosa) and she'll set up a listing for you.


  1. AMAZING find- thanks so much for sharing ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I am heading over right now :)


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