Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I've been adding to my esty shop in a rather mad fashion during the last three days. I was wiped out during the holidays plus, I wanted to increase the inventory and add new patterns anyway. Now there are several new Lilly headband prints (perhaps 30) and more on the way (see etsy shop link). I'm also attempting to phase out of ebay but, I made a new headband "You Choose the pattern" Lilly fabric headband listing there as well because I've had a few requests. I prefer selling on etsy for many reasons and am excited to open my new 1000 markets shop (coming soon). My little hobby is keeping me up at night. I'm surrounded by Lilly fabric though so I couldn't be happier.

We leave for the my sisters and the San Diego Zoo tonight. Our oldest Sadie (6) has flown but only once and that was to London when she was still very small. The twins, Linden and Hollyn (4) have never flown! Taking them on a plane just seemed a little daunting when they were small, but now we are "big girls". So we get to fly with them this evening. Linden is very confused about the idea that people can walk around on airplanes, more importantly, she doesn't understand how a flight attendant can bring apple juice to her during the flight. She'll have it all figured out by tomorrow.

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  1. Oh the headbands look so pretty! Have a great time at the zoo! So much fun! Off to look at your Etsy shop! :-) XOXO


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