Sunday, January 24, 2010

Floral Headbands

I've been working on these new headbands this weekend. I love these folded flower additions. The two Lilly Pulitzer patterns used here include: Princess Patch and Fern City (which is a 1970s Zuzek vintage print).

I'm going to have a number of these folded flower headbands in my two etsy shops by weeks end (I feel a give-away coming on). I'm also adding about thirty un-embellished headbands in "new" vintage patterns to my vintage Lilly etsy shop. Those will be made to order and replaced in the shop after each one is sold. I have well over one hundred vintage Lilly prints (1960-70s)on hand and am happy to finally start sharing them with vintage Lilly fans.

All told, I should emerge from my little craft studio this evening with forty new headbands, that is, if I ever manage to walk away from the computer. My husband took the girls out today. I find that when he does that, Facebook has a way of sucking me in and keeping me there for ridiculous amounts of time. I won't let it happen today...I won't. I'm going to either make tons of headbands or do laundry (Mt. Apparel as a friend calls it). Laundry or headbands?? I'm definately going with the headbands.


  1. You've inspired me! I would loveeee to start my own Lilly line- and you have given me the courage to start my own business! Thanks! You're truly an inspirational person with great taste as well!


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