Thursday, January 7, 2010

Find of the Day:

So yes, other than my three girls (& husband), my main love is Lilly. But, I'm becoming a huge Vested Gentress fan and buying it up like crazy. It's right up there with vintage Lilly when it comes to preppy design only, it's not as easy to find and some of the prints are beyond insane. This is a good, albeit mild, example (the skirt in the lower photo). I love this skirt and find myself questioning, "When is the proper age for one to consider no longer wearing skirts with such things as cats, dogs, birds, alligators, owls, mushrooms (a personal favorite), strawberries, horses...etc plastered all over?"

As of yet, I haven't come up with a good answer. If there is a good answer, my fear is that I passed that age loong ago (yes, I used two o's for emphasis). My other fear is that my daughters' classmates will say, "Is your mom the one who wears those crazy clown skirts?" I realize that it's one thing to go parading around in skirts with wild patterns, it's another thing, entirely, to do it when children are involved. Even so, spring is coming, my calendar says so and I'm preparing with a ton of crazy clown skirts.

I'm tempted to post another photo here of a skirt that I just purchased in an attempt to prove my point but, I'm sort of sitting here laughing out loud (I refuse to type "lol") as I try to distinguish the two as they both have green and periwinkle cats as the main pattern! Yes, I have very distinct tastes... I'm posting it anyways. The one I purchased yesterday is yellow, there. I'm going to purchase the Vested Gentress tonight (if none of you beat me to it). Here's the link, just to play fair.[]=tags&includes[]=title


  1. The skirts are cute! I had completely forgotten about the Vested Gentress! I can't believe you can still find that!

  2. Love them both, and I'm not sure there is an age when these wouldn't work!

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. i love the cat adorable!!! i am a huge cat lover :)


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