Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cakes Gone Wrong!!!

Example of a cake gone wrong from Cake Wrecks.  One comment was that this cake looked like the Octo-Mom.

I came across this blog: Cake Wrecks "When Professional Cakes Go Horribly & Hilariously Wrong". It's worth a visit!  Maybe you have heard of it already, which wouldn't surprise me as the blog is insanely popular and, the woman who writes the blog (Jen Yates), also wrote and published a book by the same name ( click here to see book link). If you're a little late coming to the party (as was I), not to worry, that's why God made blogger archives. The cake examples are too funny and her writing is beyond witty.

"What, I wrote exactly what it said!"
Yes, exactly...


  1. LOVE cake wrecks. Always good for a laugh!

  2. Cake wrecks is the best! SOO FUNNY!!! I love the one "with blue flowers" above. Hilarious! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. What a funny blog-never heard of it before!


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