Monday, March 22, 2010

Vested Gentress

The highly coveted & very collectable Horse Tail Dress by Vetsed Gentress
Currently avail. through Pin Up Dresses

So without a doubt, my heart belongs to Lilly.  I just wanted to make that clear although, I hope I do that on a pretty regular basis.  I'm a huge fan of contemporary Lilly Pulitzer (meaning the Sugartown years, 1993-present) but, it's the vintage Lilly (1959"ish"-1984) that hits my bank account the hardest.  I'm on a constant search for items.  As I search for vintage Lilly, I'm always coming across Vested Gentress items and, I've become a fan.

If you aren't familiar with Vested Gentress, I'll just quickly tell you that Vested Gentress was a company based out of Valley Forge, PA.  They opened in the early 60s and closed in the 80s.  In addition to their regular clothing line, they had a golf and tennis line. They, like Lilly Pulitzer, were known for their prints. Only, the patterns that Vested Gentress used, could make Lilly's seem, well, pretty tame.  Rather than write about it, I'll share these amazing photos.  I don't own the items seen here. But here's the good news, the owners are now sellers, as the items shown here are available! See hyper-links.

Just like Lilly, Vested Gentress was known for their hand printing.  The patterns were playful and, at times, sort of in-your-face funny.  Many patterns used cartoon character-looking animals.  The dog that was also used as the company logo for many years comes to mind and can be seen below.  He's seen here as a puppy but, is usually seen in patterns all grown up and is often with this frog...I can't make this stuff up folks.  I'm sure someone out there knows more about the person who created many of these characters.  Please share the information with me if you have it.  I'd love to know more and give credit where it's due.

There are many Vetsed Gentress (VG) collectors.  One can easily see why.  Several of the patterns are unmistakably VG.  They even have a little "VG" by the pattern image (the G looks like a Q).  They are fun and colorful and remind us of a different time.  (I'm desperately trying not to start off every sentence in this post with "Like Lilly...." )There will always be people who want VG, there will always be sellers on the lookout because they know that there's such a strong resell market for the items.  Having said that, I will also tell you that VG prices tend to be all over the map.  I've purchased skirts for as little as $8.  Currently, there are a number of items online that are priced well into the hundreds.  This also adds to the collector's fervor as one can occasionally find an amazing deal.
Avail through: Heidi Hodge

I want to point out that VG comes in every color of the rainbow and more. I have a few dresses in brown! I just happened to post photos here with examples in pink and green.  Honestly, I just noticed it and blame it more on habit and preference than availability (insert happy face here).

Avail through: Pretty Plus More


  1. Great post, and I love PINUPDRESSES listings on ebay. What a great seller!

  2. Love that dress with the horses! Also, received the ADORABLE headbands. Youa re so kind!

    I tagged you on my blog, you Socialite you! Come visit! Wendy

  3. I love the dress with the horses, I am going to search and see what I come up with! Thank you!

  4. I have a Puppy and Frog VG dress, size 10, for sale here...

    And a The Lilly dress, size 10-12, here...

  5. I have a size 6 Vested Gentress Lion dress available for sale!

  6. Paper Shaker VintageJune 19, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    More Vested Gentress including a horse dress similar to the one above available at the Cambridge Antique Market, check out:!/pages/Cambridge-MA/Paper-Shaker-Vintage/102499559800981?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=6

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you SO Much for posting these pictures!! My GRANDMOTHER had several of these dresses and it brings me back sooo many memories of her cooking in the kitchen and I used to sit at the table chatting with her and staring at the patterns on her dresses. THANK YOU! I grew up about 5 miles from Valley Forge/King of Prussia (where Lilly is now).
    Again, THANK YOU! You brought me back some wonderful memories!

  8. Does anyone know anything about the Leap Frog Vested Gentress dress?

  9. My mother gave me four VG pieces a few summers back.

    * A short white dress with golf scenes
    * A yellow dress with dogs and butterflies
    * White pants with blue butterflies
    * A sky blue dress with corn stalks and raccoons

    She said a neighbor gifted them to her before passing. They are so fun, and only one shows any signs of wear. I have yet to wear any of them (I just need the perfect occasion, right!) but know they will make a statement.

    Thanks for helping me learn more about these works of art.

  10. Hello! I just picked up a Vested Gentress dress thrifting and I'd like to add some of your blog posting in a blog posting I'm working on. Would that be ok?

  11. Sure DaShannon, thanks so much for asking. Sorry for not getting to you sooner.


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