Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lilly Pincushions

I started making these glass pedastal Lilly pincushions last year when a sweet Lilly friend (these are friends that I've met online as a result of my obsession with Lilly, they are some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing) well, this "Lilly friend" suggested that I make something for people who sew.  There was one woman who bought nearly every single one that I made.  She and her daughter are huge Lilly fans, and now, Lilly fabric pincushion collectors.  It was funny, as soon as I would list one, she would buy it; It worked for me.

 I've been really busy with the headbands in recent months and I stopped making the pincushions for a while but, now I'm back at it. I'm trying to stay true to my original intentions.  When I first started making and selling items, I did so because I wanted to tap into my creative side.  Obviously, it's turned into much more than a hobbie where I get in tune with my crative abilities.  It's really become part of me and, as a result, it's changed the way I look at things.  I don't mind staying up all hours of the night working (most the time).  The house is so quiet. I love that I don't have a commute and that I am doing something I enjoy.

Last night I did something that I enjoyed and the results can be seen above (and in my Looking 4 Lilly etsy shop).  These are great for Mother's Day.  By the way, I've got this idea for Mother's Day corsages.  Stay tuned, I'm thinking that I'll make them with Lilly fabric, I know, shocking.  I wonder if the other fabrics in my studio (those that aren't Lilly) have hurt feelings.  I'll get to them...someday.


  1. i've crowned you a socialite - you have been tagged ! see on
    xoxo Jenna

  2. Hi There!
    1. I just started following your blog!
    2. I become a fan on the Looking 4 Lilly facebook fan page.
    3. And I am posting it here...Comment here telling me that you've done so.

    Also, I love your pin cushions, Cinderella book bag/purse and the headbands...very tlented! Do you make placemats?


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