Monday, June 7, 2010

My items in the Lilly Pulitzer exhibit at the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History!

I've been asked to provide a number of items from my Lotus and Lilly shop to The Museum Of Lifestyle and Fashion History for the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer exhibit that will take place later this year. Needless to say, I'm seriously flattered and rather thrilled.  When they asked if I would consider loaning several of the items that I make* to the museum for the exhibit to show that there's still an appreciation for the patterns and that they are still being used today,  I responded, "Uh, Yes!"

So now the hard part, I'm feverishly making items with vintage Lilly patterns that I'll soon ship off to the museum. I'll take a photo (or ten) and post before I ship.  The items will include clutches, coasters, baby booties, wooden fabric covered letters, headbands (of course) and a few others. 

Lori J. Durante, Executive Director/Chief Curator of the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History, wears a Lilly Pulitzer outfit. (Lori J. Durante, courtesy / April 2, 2010)

The Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion history is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The exhibit will run from Aug 3, 2010-May 31, 2011. Click here for more info.  You're gonna go, right??
* All items available through Lotus and Lilly are made by Lotus and Lilly and not made, sold or endorsed by Lilly Inc.


  1. Amazing!! Congratulations!!! I'll definitely have to schedule a trip to see this!

  2. I live for the vintage Lilly line

  3. One of my vintage pieces is in the exhibit, too :)


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