Friday, June 11, 2010

Amazing labels that stay-put from Razmatags!

My friend, Jen, just opened a brand new online shop.  She sells the most amazing labels and I told her I would spread the word.  Her store is called Razmatags.  She has all sorts of packages available, including Camp, Kinder, Elderly packages and a Food Allergy Alert package (which is just extremely cool, as you know if you have a kiddo with allergies).  You can also order the labels in the sizes that you specifically need if you prefer not to order a package.   

Her website is worth visiting even if you aren't in need of labels because she has it set up so you can preview the pattern of your choice (and there are tons) and custom names printed on the label, this is fun stuff and no easy feat when it comes to web design.

Okay, now the important part, these labels don't budge.  I put them on my daughters' swim suits.  The girls swim everyday and I am amazed at how well these labels stay-put.  I'm also using them on all of my Lotus and Lilly items and will soon order more as I've used several different types and these are by-far the best. They aren't just the vinyl labels that you can typically buy. These beautiful labels are dishwasher-proof, microwave-proof, refridgerator-proof and can stand up to kids wear and tear. They are a great way to kick off summer if you don't want your kids to leave a trail of items behind!

Here's the link:

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