Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I had an item on Etsy's front page today!

It's funny, I'm really trying to work on the new shop, Lotus and Lilly, as a result, I've been neglecting the etsy shops and not working on the inventory for either one.  And then...etsy puts me on the front page today!  Now it may not sound like much, but for us "Etsians", it's a pretty big honor.  Here's the screen shot (my item is the Sand Dollar headband in the middle of the right hand column, or for those of us who grew up on 70s television, the Peter Brady square):   

Thought it was fun and had to share.  Here's the actual item a tad closer (no, it's not Lilly fabric. But, you are allowed to love it anyways!):

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  1. congratulations girl - that's awesome! now here's my real keep coming up on my dashboard as having written new posts, but when i go to read the post (for example, this one you allegedly just wrote about giving up sugar) it doesn't show...what gives?! i have to know how giving up sugar is treating you!


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